"From The Couch To 5K Runner - Here's 5 Simple Steps You MUST Take Before Starting Any 5K Training Schedule..."

Starting a 5k training schedule may well be one of the best things you ever do. If you have the motivation to tear yourself away from your couch to 5k running, then you can realistically expect to see the following results:

  • You’ll gain loads of energy
  • You’ll feel good about yourself
  • You’ll have more confidence
  • You’ll live a longer, healthier life

However before you do get started in any shape or form, there are 5 important steps you must take first:

Step #1 - Get a Check Up From Your Doctor or a Physiotherapist

If you’re in your early twenties and fit as a butchers dog, it’s probably unlikely that you’ll need any medical intervention, although anyone over the age of 40 and going from spending too much time on their couch to 5k training will need a full health check.

Getting any old injuries checked over is another story however. You can be affected by this at any age. I’ve seen more beginners sidetracked after just a few runs because of some type of injury or another. So if you have any niggles such as back pain, sore ankles or weak knees, then this one’s a must… you’ll thank me later!

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Step #2 - Planning and Goal Setting

A 5k training schedule that has no destination or end goal to focus on won’t be an easy or quick one. If you know where you’re going, IE ‘I’m going to run the ‘New York’ 5k on September 11th this year, and plan your training back from this point, IE ‘I will be able to run a mile without stopping in 3 weeks time and 2 miles in 5 weeks from now,’ or ‘once I’ve completed a 5k race then I will start on a 10k training schedule’ then these is far more likely to be achieved.

Here’s a copy of a goal setting form you can use to take you from the couch to 5k runner

Step #3 - Preparation

Preparation is usually the hardest part of any task. Think about painting your house as an example. You have to wash down, fill and rub over any timber work, select and buy the colours you need first and then clear out the room before you even get started.

Going from your couch to 5k training is no different. Being organised at the start makes the rest of the journey much easier.

Try to plan around any of these other possible factors first: –

  • Can you spare the time, are there times in the day or week you have free or will you need to arrange cover at work, hire a babysitter etc
  • Are your family or friends likely to suffer because you’re going to start running? If so can you allocate other times to spending with them or could they get involved too?
  • Is the route you’re planning on using safe to run, is it well lit, does it have pavements would you feel comfortable running on it when it’s dark or wet for example.
  • Do you know anyone who could be your 5k training buddy to provide you with some company, keep you motivated or provide a little competitive edge?
  • Have you got the right type of running shoes, can you afford to buy any right now?

These are some of the questions you need to ask yourself before getting off your couch to 5k running. Find out more about how to prepare to train for a 5k run here.

Step #4 - Choosing the Right Running Shoes

This is very important. If I could have a dollar for every time someone’s come to me with an injury or niggle which is related to their running shoes, I’d be a very wealthy man.

This is probably the most important step to get right when starting any type of 5k training schedule… so choose your running shoes practically.

Don’t get hung up on colour or design. They should fit properly and support your feet correctly. It’s as simple as that. You may need a specialist running store to make sure you get the right shoes. Go here to find out how to choose the best running shoes to help you go from couch to 5k runner.

Step #5 - Taking Action

es this is critical… I know that might sound obvious, but all the planning in the world, the best running gear that money can buy and a totally fantastic 5k training schedule won’t help you to get better at running. Neither will approaching running without having a clue what to do.    You must take regular and consistent action, but don’t forget to have strategically placed rest days once or twice a week to recharge the batteries.   You’ll also need a 5k training schedule and running guide, your own road map to follow. If you get a good one, you’ll find going from your couch to 5k running a breeze…Something that will change your life, help you to live longer, give you loads of energy, more confidence and feel so much better about yourself.  To find out more about how you can get hold of a COMPLETE 5k training schedule to get you off your couch to 5k running… A running plan that’s totally different to anything else you can get online, which will hold your hand throughout all of your 5k training click here now – 5K Training Schedule


“I started running about 4 months ago as part of a plan to lose weight.

I soon became addicted and enjoyed the challenge and the buzz of being outdoors.

After a few weeks I entered a 5K race but had no real idea of how I should go about my training in a progressive manner. I started to use this 5K running plan which I found was detailed and structured not only in terms of what to do on a daily basis but also on a weekly countdown to the race date.

This was perfect for me as it allowed me to stretch myself on each run and also to get the benefits of cross-training at the same time. The Plan also provided me with the essential background to effective training as a runner and why each different approach such as fartlek was beneficial.

I have used other running programmes from official websites but generally found them to be very vague. These websites would often make statements such as ‘run for 20 minutes’ without detailing on which day, for how long and at what pace?

Using the 5K plan was effective and identified a goal on each run or cross training activity which helped me to stay motivated.

Without using this effective guide I would probably still be running one minute off and one minute on and hoping for the best!”

  Kate Rowlands

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