Are You Thinking About Running For A 5K Charity?

Are You Thinking About Running For A 5K Charity?

Part of the appeal of running 5k races is the fact that they now seem to almost exlcusively support charities and worthy causes. Whichever 5k charity you pick should be something that is near to your heart.


Many people opt for a particular 5k charity for the reason that they have a friend, relative or loved one who has been affected in some way by the problems that the charity supports.


Selecting a cause to run for this way this will have the following benefits: –

  • Deciding to run for charity may well be the kick start for many runners in actually deciding to take charge by booking a place and beginning training. 
  • Undoubtedly throughout your preparation for the race there will be times when you feel like giving up. But by having your own cause that you can take inspiration and encouragement from will make sure that you don’t give up and keep going. 
  • Running for a 5k charity also helps you to take what can be a very lonely, individual activity and give it more of a team feeling, being part of a group. 

Some 5k races only have a limited amount of places available to casual runners and it is often a matter of good fortune if you get accepted or not.


By applying for a place offered by a charity, you are much more likely to gain a place. The terms of your acceptance are often governed by you raising a certain amount of money and this can sometimes be a substantial amount.


The extra accountability you have when running for a 5k charity will without doubt help you through your low days and difficult workouts. More importantly on race day you will get so much support and encouragement that you’ll find it much easier to keep going.


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