5K Run Times – How Fast Can You Go?

If you’re thinking about entering a 5k race sometime soon, you may well be wondering what are good 5k run times?

If you’ve completed a 5k in the past and have a time to beat already, then use that to set yourself the challenge of beating this time around. If you haven’t run one yet, then my advice is to simply aim to get round in one piece without having to stop and this time can be your next target.

Accomplished runners get better by increasing the speed they run at over successive races and it’s actually the challenge of beating previous times that keeps them motivated to run faster and train harder.

If you’re a new runner however, you may be interested to know what the average 5k run times are?

Any runners who have previously done a number of 5k races would be looking to complete the race in under 25 minutes, whereas those at the top of the sport would be hoping to aspire to finishing times between 15 – 20 minutes.

The fastest 5k race ever was run by Kenenisa Bekele of Ethiopia who finished it in an amazing 12 minutes 37 seconds.

As a guide for all new runners though, 5k run times of under 30 minutes would be a very respectable first attempt, in fact many runners use the sub 30 minute time as a benchmark as to their fitness levels. Recreational runners tend to be around this mark, whilst the more serious and dedicated runners will be faster.

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