Thinking Of Entering A 5K Run?

If you’re thinking of entering a 5k run, there are a number of things you’ll need to consider before you post off your application form. A 5k run is within most people’s capabilities if you’re healthy and have no major illnesses or injury problems.


check up at your doctors might be the first thing you do and if you have any injuries, you’ll need to get a physiotherapist to sort them out.


Secondly you’ll need to invest in a good quality pair of running shoes. If you can get to a specialist running store that has running gait testing equipment, then I thoroughly recommend that you do so.


Once you’ve bought your running shoes, wear them in for at least a week around the house, BEFORE you try running in them.


Thirdly you’ll need to follow a running schedule, designed for your level of ability. ‘5K Training For Beginners’ is a good choice. It features 4 starting points for you to choose from, as well as loads of up to date training advice and advanced training techniques that help you to improve your fitness whilst  spending less time training.


Finally you’ll need to choose the 5k run you’d like to enter. Think about the location, the terrain (does it contain hills, is it off road etc), how many weeks away is it and does that allow you enough time to prepare. (depending on your fitness levels, it will take between 6 – 10 weeks before your first race).


To find your nearest race, take a look on these websites: – – USA – UK


One last point I should mention, there are two ways to prepare for a 5k race, you can go it alone or hire a coach to work with you. If you like the idea of working with a running coach but don’t want to pay upwards of $50.00 per session, have a look at ‘5k Training For Beginners.’ It’s one of the most effective 5k training schedules for beginners available on the internet. Click here to find out more – Couch to 5K