The Successful 5K Runners Guide

5k runners come from all walks of life and have many reasons for wanting to run one.


Many want to improve their fitness levels and feel better about themselves. Others are trying to lose weight and see the focus of running a 5k as a good motivator. Others like setting themselves targets to reach, whilst others are simply running in aid of a charity or worthy cause that is close to their hearts.


Whatever reason you have for running a 5k race, you can learn a lot from how seasoned 5k runners approach their training. Here are their top 4 tips: –


#1   Be consistent. Regular 5k runners are passionate about running. They love striving to get better and better, by pushing themselves harder, but that doesn’t mean they feel this way every time. Sometimes it’s an effort getting motivated even for them, but they do motivate themselves and just get out and run.


#2    Do some research. If you want to master anything, you need to learn all about it. By reading and researching, you’ll discover ways of improving your fitness that are far quicker and more enjoyable than simply pounding the streets week after week.


#3    Take days off every so often. Whilst 5k runners love their sport, those that are experienced enough know that they need to have rest days. They will certainly have had times when they picked up niggles simply because they didn’t listen to their body or missed the obvious signs of overtraining.


#4    Eat well. When you burn off calories through running, you need to replace them with the right type of fuel which includes a balanced supply of vitamins and minerals, essential for your recovery.


If you want to join the ranks of serious 5k runners and regularly enter 5k races, you need to learn all you can about 5k running. ‘5K Training For Beginners’ is an entertaining and easy to use 5k training schedule for beginners that want to learn how to successfully run a 5k in the shortest possible time. Go here NOW to read all about it – Couch to 5K