5K Tips For The First Time 5K Runner

This list represents some of the top 5k tips for the first time 5k runner. Knowledge is power when it comes to trying things for the first time, such as running a 5k race. Sometimes the simplest of ideas make the biggest difference to the success you have.


Your first race day is a very exciting time. Here are some 5k tips to help you make the most the experience.


#1  Don’t set off too fast. The excitement of the starting line usually leads to setting off under a burst of adrenalin, much too fast. This is a mistake because it fatigues your muscles very quickly, causing you to have to slow down or stop altogether.


#2  Avoid eating or drinking anything other than water in the 2 hours before the race. When you run, blood gets diverted to the working muscles away from your stomach and digestive system which is then unable to break food down properly. This can lead to nausea and stomach cramping.


#3  Never wear in a new pair of running shoes on race day. This should be done many weeks before. New shoes can take many miles to get comfortable in and really mould to shape of your feet.


#4  Drink plenty of water. That doesn’t mean slurping down gallons of the stuff, just regular sips to maintain normal hydration levels.


#5   Don’t be competitive against fellow runners. Whilst it can be depressing to watch seemingly out of shape runners pass you by, you shouldn’t try to keep up with them. They will almost certainly run at a pace which they’ve trained for, you have your own paceYour first 5k isn’t the time to let pride take over your judgement or common sense.


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