5K Training Schedule – Which One’s Right For You?

If you’ve decided to run a 5k this year, then you’re going to have to commit some time and effort to your training which means ideally you’ll need to follow a 5k training schedule.

Your mind is set on your target, you’re ready, willing and able, but what’s your next step?

At this point most people would search online for a free training schedule. You won’t struggle finding one, there’s plenty around that you can download from most running or charity websites, they’ll usually give you a bunch of numbers, either distances or times that you need to run for each day.

But there’s a big problem with these free 5k training schedules which is that you’ll learn absolutely nothing about running and this reduces your chances of success and increases your risk of suffering from injuries.

Any good 5k running schedule should include all the following: –

  • 5K Training Schedule – Essential factor #1 Nutritional guidance. You can’t hope to perform well if you are filling up on the wrong type of fuel, after all you wouldn’t put diesel in a petrol car… would you?.
  • 5K Training Schedule – Essential factor #2
    New training techniques which boost fitness levels. Modern training methods have progressed dramatically. Using them means you won’t overuse the same muscles and joints which can lead to progress stopping injuries. The advanced strategies in my new guide – ‘5K Training For Beginners‘ will quickly improve your fitness levels and reduce the time spent training.
  • 5K Training Schedule – Essential factor #3
    The best way to select running shoes and the right types of clothing to wear to suit different terrains and weather conditions etc.
  • 5K Training Schedule – Essential factor #4
    Strategically placed rest days that take in to account the level of intensity of the previous days training… these are vital to your progress.

But above all, an effective 5k training schedule should teach you exactly how your body changes from the start of your training right up to race day, meaning you’ll understand exactly what it is you’re trying to achieve…

You’ll know when and how to change your training to boost your progress and quickly spot the signs of overtraining and sidestep debilitating injuries.

If you’d prefer to follow a PROVEN running plan used by thousands of other successful runners, then click here to find out more about ‘5kTraining For Beginners,’ a fantastically unique approach to running which is both entertaining and fun whilst being fast and easy to use – 5k training schedule

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