Couch to 5k



Picture Your INCREDIBLE Feeling Of
Super Accomplishment And The
 Amazing Rush Of Self
Pride As You Finish Your First 5K

As you cross the finish line for the very
first time, every nerve ending in your body

will be screaming

I DID IT!” – “I DID IT!” – “I DID IT!”



Try To Imagine How Wonderful That Will Feel

It will probably Be One Of The Most

Feelings in Your Life…

Team up with me and my


and together we’ll


Who Am I…

and Why Should You Team Up With Me?

Jago Holmes

24 May, 2018

Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Jago Holmes and I’m a fully qualified and highly experienced personal trainer from the UK. I have worked with hundreds of beginner runners from all walks of life and varying levels of fitness over my long and rewarding 10 year training and running career. I have personally worked with so many runners to help them through their preparations and 5K training programs…






Together we overcame many hurdles and disappointments and it has been a wonderful learning experience for me.

How Are You and I Going to Accomplish This Together as a Team?

To help future runners avoid making the same mistakes as some of the ones I’ve worked with in the past… and to fast track their fitness and stamina levels to new highs, I TOOK ACTION…

I Tested and Developed What is Possibly the Most Effective 5K Training Program There is – Specifically for Beginners.

As far as I’m aware, this is the most complete, effective training program of its kind.

And it’s taken me years to test, trial and put together. It’s a totally unique multi guide training program that’s both fast and totally effective. It teaches beginners exactly how, when, where and what to do so they quickly learn the secrets of being able to run effortlessly for as long as they want to without injury, fatigue or fitness levels holding them backI’ve seen this done the wrong way so many times by my own clients, in fact this was how I uncovered many of the training secrets and running tips that you’ll find contained only within this highly effective “super” program… and nowhere else.

But once you understand how it should be done, your 5k training and the race itself may well be one of the most rewarding and uplifting experiences of your entire life.

As a Personal Trainer, I Often Work With Clients Who Claim to Lack Motivation and Drive, That’s Why They Come to Me For Help…



What They Don’t Realise is That the Biggest Thing I Do For Them is Give Them a Direction and a Very Thorough Plan of Action To Follow



The Problem With Most Beginners is They Never Take the Time to Plan Their 5K Training or Set Themselves Targets and Goals.


Meaning They’re Less Likely to Keep Going.

If you do decide to give my 5K training program a go,

I guarantee you’ll be able to 

red tickSuccessfully and comfortably run a 5k at the end of your training, you’ll have accomplished something that most people could only dream of doing. 

red tickLose weight quickly, build muscle and tone your body. By committing to something like this, the chances are as a side effect, you’ll get in to the this best shape of your life!

red tickRun further, faster and for longer without the usual fatigue and heavy legs which most beginners will encounter at the start of their training.


red tick

Radically improve your health. Keep up with your training and you’ll have more energy, be thinner, happier and live longer, you’ll just feel great most of the time.

red tickImpress those who know you with your attitude and dedication to your task. On completing your first race they will be both full of pride and admiration for you.

red tickSupercharge your energy levels on demand. You’ll know exactly how to create your own ‘feel good factor’ which you can turn on and off like a tap.


I’ve designed this 4 training manual program for beginners and that’s the way I planned it, but even if you’re an experienced runner I guarantee you’ll learn a few things to
help you to get better
, much faster and reduce the amount of time you need to spend training.

As far as I’m aware it’s the only 5k training program of its kind that has been designed to take beginners through three phases of training and on to preparing for and actually running a 5k.


You’ll Discover How Using These ‘Secret’ Advanced Training Techniques Throughout Your 5K Training Will Transform Your Fitness and Stamina Levels…


 …in Just Days Never Mind Weeks. As Well as This, These Great Strategies Will Actually Reduce the Overall Time You Need to Spend Training!


“5K Training For Beginners”

It’s the most complete, most effective, 5K Training Program on the planet. It’s packed into

4 Easy To Follow

that lead you step-by-step while covering absolutely everything that you will need to know…

I’ve written this 5k training program so it’s easy to use, with very little technical jargon or complicated systems to try and follow.

The whole program is broken down in to small and manageable chunks that include simple explanations of exactly what you’ll be doing step-by-step and why.

Unlike other 5k training programs you’ll learn how and what you need to do in order to go from a beginner with little or no endurance and stamina to someone who is capable of running over 3 miles in one go without stopping.

Just look at my step-by-step training program below




The Theory

‘The Theory’ – manual #1 provides you with all the background information and cutting edge training advice you’ll need in order to safely steer yourself around the obstacles and difficulties all beginners face when starting to run.

You’ll be able to turn your dreams of  running a 5K in to a reality in double quick time.

This great manual contains vital 5k training techniques and time saving strategies, making running further not only physically possible but also practically possible. Let’s face it who can spare endless hours a week to train, it’s not possible for most of us, we need a system that reduces training times, but gives us rapid results. It’s written in an easy to understand, no nonsense way which is ideal for both beginners and intermediate runners alike. 

Inside you’ll discover…

  • The secrets of developing the necessary motivational techniques and
    that create a desire and passion for your training that you may have never experienced before. Because you’re improving so quickly, you’ll
    actually see the dramatic changes in your fitness levels.
  • The top runners secrets of how to eliminate the risks of
     by analyzing your running technique and buying running shoes that not only complement your style but also support your body and help to
    maintain an upright posture.
  • Top techniques of how to take care of your feet so you avoid suffering the most common runners blights which more often than not put a temporary stop to your progress.
  • How to use the proper nutrition to enhance your
     You’ll find out why getting enough of this one food may well be the difference between finishing the race with huge smile on your face or shuffling home in extreme fatigue and hating every minute of it.
  • The latest technological methods to enhance and improve your 5k training and prepare for the race. You’ll find out my top suggestions for gadgets that actually work, helping you to get the best from your
  • This powerful manual provides you with the step-by-step training you need to do and the optimum times for doing it so you get the most from every session!
  • A new way to determine if you’re in the process of becoming
     and then how to take action to eliminate this secret saboteur, so you can run easily for miles instead of finding it difficult to run even
  • The proper way to supplement your diet – you’ll know what works and is worth paying for and what doesn’t and is simply a waste of your time and money. Some of these supplements WILL definitely boost your 5k
    progress and improve your stamina and endurance levels.
  • What top runners do to use the power of their mind to improve motivation, dedication and determination to go from a complete beginner to 5k runner in the shortest time possible. You’ll discover simple techniques to get you through the tough times without giving up or feeling demotivated and a quick technique to turn every negative thought you have in to a positive one.



The Theory - 5K Training For Beginners 

‘The Practice’ 
– manual #2 guides you effortlessly through your 5k training, from the idea stage right up to and beyond race day itself.  

Once you’ve worked with this great practical guide, you’ll know exactly how to quickly build up your fitness levels and stamina so you are capable of easily running a 5k. Using the advanced techniques you’ll find inside, you’ll breeze through your training and achieve your running targets much faster than ever! Inside you’ll find out: –

  • The best techniques to tell if you’re pushing yourself too hard OR not hard enough. You’ll discover a way of training that ensures you avoid suffering the consequences of either.
  • How to supercharge your 5k training by using a range of advanced training techniques that literally explode your speed, stamina and endurance levels. You’ll get dramatically fitter without having to commit all your spare time to your training.
  • How to stretch properly, which muscles, when and how often also including some little known advanced stretching techniques you can do
    at home which improve flexibility and save you time!
  • A secret technique to make sure you approach race day full of energy and raring to go instead of tired, bored and ready for a rest. Because of this one technique I guarantee you’ll complete your 5k
    training at your best and fully ready for the challenge of your first ever
  • How to use the 3 distinct phases of training in the program to progress steadily and comfortably at your own pace without going to fast or doing too much too soon. This really does make the difference between enjoying the whole experience or quitting and moving on to something else instead.
  • How to use this ‘SECRET’ trick used by the elite runners that virtually nobody knows about. It will supercharge your energy levels and dramatically reduce your recovery time between sessions. You’ll be able to run further and faster.
  • Little known techniques in preparation for race, so you know exactly what to expect and what to do. You’ll be ready both mentally and physically
    for the task ahead!



(Manual + Templates)

Half Marathon Planning

This great workbook guides you effortlessly through the key stages of planning and organising your 5k training which also helps to motivate you in to achieving specific and realistic short, mid and long term goals. You’ll also get handy templates to use for setting goals, monitoring the progress you are making and planning out your weekly training sessions.

 ‘Planning Your Success’ will help you organise your thoughts, goals and training in to smaller manageable chunks. This makes achieving bigger targets a very enjoyable, achievable and rewarding task.



Runners Guide To Preventing Injuries

A concise guide detailing in depth descriptions and self-help treatment of the most
popular niggles and injuries that runners commonly suffer from. You’ll find out what the injuries are and the ways of avoiding suffering from them as well as practical guidelines you can follow so you make it safely through to race day in one piece.

You’ll find out which injuries mean you need to stop running immediately to avoid further problems and which ones may be safe for you to simply train through.

You’ll learn how fast and effective treatment can reduce the severity of even the
most serious of injuries and how you can radically cut down on healing times and minimise the amount of time you’re unable to run.

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I have every step of this training down to an absolute science for you.

If you can read a road map you can quickly train to run a 5k 

it’s that simple to follow!

It contains absolutely everything that you need to know to successfully complete your training.

It doesn’t miss a thing I have it laid out for you just like “The Yellow Brick Road” in the movie “The Wizard of Oz”.

Remember the “Yellow Brick Road”?

It was plain and totally obvious, no surprises, nothing complicated… YET EVERY SINGLE STEP WAS THERE… all Dorothy had to do was


the yellow brick road and she’d get to her destination! She didn’t need to make any difficult decisions: just stay on the path provided for her! Well, the complete 5k training system that I am about to teach you can be likened to the “yellow brick road”.

It isn’t difficult or obscure… It’s BRIGHT YELLOW and lies…

RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU all the time


Wizard Of Oz    


You’ll Get Every Single Detail You Need to Be Able to Go From Beginner to 5K Runner in the Shortest Time Possible!

Here’s what you’ll learn when you read ‘5K Training For Beginners… I won’t simply tell you to blindly follow the schedules (although you can if you like), because I will explain exactly WHY you are doing the training you are and what changes you can expect to see by following my advice.

  • This means you’ll know how to design your own 5k training program if you’d rather not follow mine.
  • You’ll improve much faster by using this training program instead of some of the simplistic ‘one size fits all’ training schedules there are out there, because the advanced techniques you’ll be using, push your body safely on to a series of new levels, it has no option but to get better!
  • You’ll learn all there is to know about running a 5k, from the ‘grass root’ basics right through to the effective preparation and completion of your first
  • I’ll show you an easy way to test what type of running shoes you need, so you don’t spend a lot of money on shoes that could potentially cause you injury, meaning you’ll have to miss many weeks of training and give or throw your new shoes away.
  • You’ll find out which types of foods you need to be getting more of and which ones will hamper your progress. This way you’ll fill up your body’s petrol tank with energy giving fuel instead of sabotaging your 5k training by choosing foods that make you feel tired and exhausted.
  • I’ll explain to you how to spot the signs of overtraining so you know when to hold back on your workouts and take rest days if you need to instead of pushing yourself too far and causing yourself progress stopping injuries.
  • You’ll discover the theory behind some of the best energy boosting, ‘feel good’
    training sessions
     ever created AND learn how and when to use them to get
    the best results.

By following my 5k training schedule you’ll discover that there is a lot more to running than simply plodding along week after week. You’ll find out some ultra effective and enjoyable ways of training that give you a massive shot of feel good hormone every time you finish. I will show you 2 ways of making sure you never have to suffer from painful and progress stopping blisters. Now the benefits I’ve told you about so far are way above anything you’ll get from any of the giveaway 5k training programs available on the internet, but…

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My Training Program Prevents New Runners From Making the Same Classic Mistakes 

What still surprises me is when someone decides they’re going to start running, they do so without any real thought, planning or preparation. They certainly have no idea what it is they’re trying to achieve or how to encourage their body to change so they become fitter. For example probably the biggest mistake that most new runners make is to set off at the beginning of their run, like a dog out of the traps… way too fast, meaning within a short distance they need to stop because they’re too tired and breathless to carry on. This is one of the worst ways of getting better at running because you’ll need to rest after only a short amount of time. Your heart and lungs haven’t had the chance to get thoroughly warmed up and can’t supply enough oxygen rich blood to the legs in time so you have to stop straight away. Training this way means you’ll never build up any enduranceBecause you can’t build up the distances you’re running, you won’t improve your stamina and there’s a very high chance you’ll become demotivated and lose interest long before you see any real progress. Instead you should begin your training by walking briskly or jogging very slowly, depending on your level of fitness. Once you can manage this easily, then you should move on to introducing some running in to your sessions. 

However you do need structure to your 5k training otherwise, you’ll only end up doing the same things every time and because of this you won’t get any better.

If there’s just one thing you learn from reading this report that should be this – ‘WHATEVER EXERCISE YOU DO, FOR IT TO HAVE THE DESIRED EFFECT, IT ABSOLUTELY MUST BE PROGRESSIVE’, this means that your workouts have to constantly change and improve, you need to make small and regular changes to the things you are currently doing, for example you could run a little faster, try to go further or train more often.


Testimonials from happy customers

Cassie Barker“If you’re looking for a step by step guide that helps you through every stage of training for running a 5km race, from choosing the most appropriate footwear to preparation on the day itself, then you won’t find a better one than this one. Having used the guide myself I can personally recommend it. It is full of everything you need to begin training and is presented in a friendly and concise way.  The techniques really did get me fitter quicker than just running at the same distance and pace each time. Not only that, they also added much needed variation to my exercise programme which made each session feel fresh and different.

At the beginning of my training I never believed that I would be able to run 5km in one go. However after 6 weeks of following this programme I have managed to complete a 5km run without stopping, which has given me an amazing high and certainly proves that following a guide
like this one really works!”

Thanks – Cassie Barker,

Running a 5k“Hi Jago, Just wanted to drop you a line to thank you for your excellent training schedule. I had never run before until I used your training programs but now I can run longer distances very comfortably. In fact just recently I ran the Hoy half marathon. I’ve sent you a picture of me running towards
the end of the race. I thought you might appreciate it. 

Thanks – David

David –

Mandy's TestimonialAfter reading both the theory and practice I think you should rename them “The Fountain of Knowledge for Runners” as I have learned so much from them.I have run a 5k in the past, but without proper preparation and hence after the event didn’t feel like I’d done myself or the race justice, although I did get the satisfaction of raising money for a charity which is very dear to my heart.

Since then I have had fits and starts of running without any sort of pattern and probably because I wasn’t increasing my fitness levels correctly always found it a chore rather than a
The information on Nutrition has certainly opened my eyes, always trying to lose weight I had fallen into the trap of cutting out carbohydrates such as pasta, bread and potatoes from my diet as much as I could, with not much effect except for the fact that I have no energy for running or anything else for that matter. Click “light bulb moment”, what you have to say just makes total sense and over the last week I have been eating a proper diet and hey presto I have more energy already.

I haven’t booked my 5k race yet, but will be doing so very soon as I am really keen to prove that I can run a 5k race under 30 mins and when I’ve done that I’m going to build up my fitness levels using your techniques to run a 10k. But in the meantime I’m following your guidance and have started using the school run to power walk up the hill I have to walk each day.

I’m hoping that I will be able to reach the goals I have set myself and the biggy is will I be in my skinny jeans by christmas…………hell yes!!!!

Thank you again for the inspiration


Hi Jago

Today was the race.
It had been postponed due to rains that made the track slushy. Close to 70 students (18 to 20 year olds) participated in the race. I came in 16th with a timing of 23.08… definitely feeling good about it, especially since it came after a bout of energy-draining sickness. 
I was down with chest congestion and fever all through the last week. I am still on a course of antibiotics. Luckily for me, the race was postponed. The sickness did upset my training (I never trained after the last Fartlek training), but I managed to run the race today. 
I want to specially thank you for helping me reach to at least this level. But for your guidance, I would have trained recklessly and ineffectively. I am now looking forward to
training systematically through the year so that I can easily break in to the top 5 in the 5000 and 10000 metres race next year. I feel this goal is very much attainable. 

One value that I have learned is that consistent and meaningful training does deliver results. Thank you once again. I wish to keep in touch with you once in a while. I hope you will not mind it – I mean – you will have hundreds of trainees – coming to think of that – it amazed me that you would always and promptly respond to my mails. Thank you.
With love and
Rajeev Rajan, India

Picture of Ruth“When I first started running, every step was hard work. The mere thought of going out for a run filled me with dread. The techniques I’ve learnt from Jago’s half marathon training schedule have been invaluable. I have gone from barely able to run a few metres to being able to run over 3 miles (5K) easily.

I now run regularly and am currently training towards phase 2 – my first 10k.”

Ruth – Halifax,

Ellens critique of 5k training for beginners“The transaction was lightning fast and I was able to immediately download the books to my Amazon Kindle.The best thing was that as
a PDF document format if you are more “paper” oriented you can print the information out, put in dividers, and have your very own customizable Runners Manual.
The information and layout of the book(s) was easy for even the most novice runner to understand.I am a goal (list) oriented person and I love that the encouragement in the book(s) is to take training one bite at a time to lessen your chances of injury. So many times we want instant gratification and your book explains why working through the program and outlining your goals will increase your reward at the end. I love the workout charts and recipes. With cold weather coming in Georgia (which is not so cold to some folks) I really liked the recipes that were included with the books.The smoothies are a life saver. This is a super easy way to be sure that you fuel your body which helps with recovery as well as stamina. I have a 30 minute lunch break and being able to have something handy keeps me from eating fast food and sabotaging my hard work.
I was showing the books to a friend of mine who is a diabetic of 10 years and she was very impressed with the Glycemic 101 information. She said she had been to Diabetes classes at some of the bigger hospitals that cost her insurance company hundreds of dollars and didn’t get such detailed information as that in your Glycemic 101 manual.There are 3 of us running the Savannah River Bridge
5k on December 2nd and we are all super excited!”
Ellen – Georgia,US


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Are You Using One of the ‘Giveaway’ 5K Training Schedules to Plan Your Runs?

The Giveaway 5k Training Schedules You Can Get From Most Running and Charity Websites Will Teach You Absolutely Nothing About How to Run or Improve Your Fitness So That You’re Capable of Running a 5k. 

Unfortunately They’re Not Only Free, But Also Virtually Useless!


Because when you download one of them…

Description: red crossYou Won’t Find Out about how to choose the best running shoes to suit the way you run. This means you’ll be wearing footwear that doesn’t support your feet correctly meaning there’s real chances of long term injury.


Description: red crossYou Won’t Find Out about how to spot the tell tale signs of injuries and niggles so you can sidestep them totally. You won’t know which niggles are potentially serious or just aches and pains you can run through.


Description: red crossYou Won’t Find Out how hard your training should feel if you want to see fast progress with your running. Because of this you might never get any better or any changes you do see may be very slow or non existent.


Description: red crossYou Won’t Find Out about how to use the latest up to date training techniques which will turbo charge your fitness and stamina at the same time as actually requiring you to train less.


Description: red crossYou Won’t Find Out about which muscles need to be stretched or when and how to do it, meaning your muscles could start to tighten up permanently leading to serious back and postural problems.


Description: red crossYou Won’t Find Out about preparing for race day and actually running your first 5k, which means you won’t have a clue what to expect on the day of the race.


Description: red crossYou Won’t Find Out how to write motivating goals which keep you focused and on track through your 5k training so you’ll struggle to keep going when you face any challenges that come along.


Description: red crossYou Won’t Find Out how to eat the right types of foods which help to improve stamina and promote recovery between workouts so your training won’t be as effective as it could be and you may feel drained and run down.


Description: red crossYou Won’t Find Out about the importance of fluids to your body and what and how much to drink so you can boost your energy levels and speed up the time it takes your body to recover in between your runs.


Description: red crossYou Won’t Find Out how to program and condition your mind so when your 5k gets tougher, you don’t want to give in, you just rise to the challenge and push through it to reach new levels of fitness.


No it’s Fair to Say You Won’t Learn How to Run From a FREE, ‘One Size Fits All’ 5K Training Schedule That Simply Contains a Chart of Distances or Times to Run Each Day!

But Heck, Go Ahead and Download a Copy Anyway, it Won’t Cost You a Cent.


I know from the experience I’ve had with my own clients that have tried following one of these giveaway 5k training programs that THEY DO NOT WORK.

They’re too simplistic, it’s like teaching someone to do a magic trick by simply showing them the trick itself without the actual technique used to perform the trick.

You really need to do one of two things…

If you can, arrange to work with a qualified and experienced personal trainer, an expensive option I know, but the knowledge and motivation you’ll gain will be well worth the investment.

Alternatively, get hold of a really good quality 5k training schedule like this one that provides you with all the information you need to be able to set yourself goals and targets, design your own routines and a selection of ‘ideal routines that you can work through which will take you to your ultimate destination… 

…running a 5k






Bonus #1

No 1.

Runners Guide To Nutrition$21.99 Value


Runners Guide To Nutrition

This handy guide provides you with all the information you need to improve your performance and energise your body, from simple tasty menus and shopping lists to easy snack suggestions.

The suggested foods don’t take long to prepare and are essential for fuelling your half marathon training and speeding up your recovery between runs.

You’ll find out an easier way of eating, by selecting foods that make you feel fuller for longer at the same time as providing you with the energy you need, which also saves you time and money!

You’ll discover how much you should eat and when to eat it as well as the crucial timing of meals which will boost your energy levels before training.

Avoid the normal peaks and troughs of blood sugar levels which you’ll suffer if you don’t change the way you eat, by using this simple but time tested way of eating. You’ll avoid the typical highs and energy sapping lows that affect most people.

You’ll find out some great time saving hints and tips which make healthy eating whilst following this 5k training schedule a no brainer. You’ll still be able to eat foods that support your training even on your busiest days!

Discover a selection of healthy alternatives to your usual favourite foods that supply you with loads of energy without the downside of extra weight gain.

The #1 biggest mistake nearly every
runner makes
 by NOT getting enough of this important nutrient and why getting just this one
thing right will improve the quality of your skin, hair and energy levels 100%!   

This is literally a ‘running diet in a book’
solution for you, 
leaving you to eat on auto pilot, without worrying about what you should or shouldn’t be eating, it’s all been planned
out for you and couldn’t be easier!   

Bonus #1

No 2.

How To Boost Your Metabolism

A $11.99 Value


How To Boost Your Metabolism

Inside you’ll learn how making 3 simple changes to the way you live your life can have a huge and beneficial effect on your metabolism.


You’ll discover ways to boost your metabolic rate so you even burn calories at rest and why doing some types of so called ‘fat burning’ exercise can leave you frustrated at your body’s apparent inability to burn away your body fat.


You’ll uncover the life long secret to eating well whilst actually losing weight and how the ‘eternally thin’ seem to never gain weight no matter what they eat whilst others only seem to have to look a cup cake to put weight on.


Bonus #1

No 3.

Healthy Smoothies For Rapid Weight Loss

A $11.99 Value


Healthy Smoothies For Rapid Weight Loss

Inside you’ll find over 50 of the most mouthwatering smoothies ever created.

These are some of the tastiest and easy to make ‘on the go’ energy boosters that are guaranteed to provide your body with the best of nutrients that absolutely ANYONE has the skill to make easily and cheaply. Ideal for preparing before a run so they can be drunk straight after your training, then they’re ready and waiting to boost energy levels and help with post training recovery. 


These smoothies have been selected because of their balance and combination of flavours, ideal to help get you through your 5k training.


You’ll find some great tasting drinks that are low in fat whilst being full of flavour and great to


Bonus #1

No 4.

Healthy Soups For Healthy Living

A $17.99 Value


Healthy Soups For Healthy

In this great little eBook you’ll find a wide collection of tasty and nutritious recipes which are both simple and quick to prepare whilst requiring absolutely no cooking skills or expertise whatsoever.

I guarantee anyone can make a great tasting soup, by simply following the simple step by step recipes and directions contained within this eBook.


Soups are not only easy, but nutritious and quick to prepare, which is exactly what you need when time is short but you need something healthy to eat.


Each recipe also includes a nutritional breakdown section as well as clear ‘how to’ instructions list.


Bonus #1

No 5.

Glycemic 101

A $21.99 Value


Glycemic 101
How To Effortlessly Control Your Glycemic Index!

Inside you’ll find out the ‘right’ way to eat a healthy balanced diet that helps to maintain constant blood sugar levels. Doing this means that you’ll avoid the usual peaks and troughs of the typical everyday diet, which can leave you craving the worst types of junk food.


After reading this book, you’ll understand why applying the theory behind the Glycemic Index to your selection of foods will help you to eat less and could massively reduce your potential risk of suffering from high cholesterol, diabetes and heart disease.


You’ll finally be able to choose how you eat and gain control of your size forever, so you no longer select clothes to fit your shape instead you’ll choose the clothes to wear that you like the best!


That’s a Total Value Of $183.94









Fast Acting Bonuses



Yes, you read that right.
It’s not a typo.

That’s less than one night out to dinner for two celebrating completing your first 5k.

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100% Risk Free Guarantee

You are Fully Guaranteed By Clickbanks Refund Policy.

I really want you to be 100% satisfied with ‘5k Training For Beginners’, so let me remove any doubt from your mind…

Order today and actually follow my 5k training schedule for 60 days, if you’re not convinced this 5k training schedule is worth every single penny, just send me an email requesting a refund and I will refund 100% of your money – immediately!


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PLEASE NOTE: ‘5K Training For Beginners’ is a downloadable eBook package. Once we’ve received your payment, you’ll be sent details of a secure page where you can access your eBooks immediately. You can then instantly download them to your own computer where you’ll be able to view them on screen or print them out for your own use. No physical products will be shipped, you will be sent the download details immediately after we have received your payment.