How To Prepare For A 5K – The Day Of The Race

This article assumes that you’ve trained regularly up to this point and ran at least this distance before and that you’re injury free and in good health.

So on to how to prepare for a 5k race. We’ll assume that the race starts at 11.00am and it’s an hour’s journey to get there.

8.00am –  After a good night’s sleep (at least 8 hours if possible) your alarm wakes you.

8.15am –  You eat your normal breakfast (hopefully something that’s low in fat and sugar…not a full English breakfast today!) Ideally you eat a bowl of cereal or some toast and a glass of water.

8.45am – Have another glass of water and go for a brisk 15 minute walk. When you get back, stretch off for 5 minutes and then relax for 30 minutes.

9.35am – Pack your running kit. If you’re going in your running gear don’t forget to wear clothing to suit the weather conditions.

If you like listening to music pack your iPod. Take a pedometer or running watch to chart your progress and monitor your speed. If you’ve already been given your race number make sure you pin this on your top and don’t forget to pack a bottle of water and something high in sugar to eat after the race to boost energy levels. A banana or a bar of chocolate will do, it’s up to you – treat yourself!

9.30am – Set off for the race, making sure you get there in plenty of time, remembering to go to the toilet first!

10.00am – Arrive at the starting line. Keep moving around gently and stretch off. Prepare yourself mentally for the race.

Don’t get carried away with the rest of the runners and set off under a burst of enthusiasm faster than you’d normally run, just run at your normal pace – good luck.

If you want to find out how to prepare for a 5k physically so you’re able to run a 5k race in just 6 – 8 weeks from now, then you need ‘5k Training For Beginners.’