How To Train For A 5K

For any aspiring runner, how to train for a 5k will be one of the first considerations because this distance is really the first race on the running ladder.

If you’ve often thought about running a 5k race, but you’ve never really been any good at running, then take heart, you can do it, it’s within most people’s capabilities.

Until you’ve practised regularly you probably won’t be great at it, but it’s rare that anyone gets good at something before they have even attempted it. Did the world’s greatest violinist become a virtuoso before even picking up a bow? What about the world’s best golfer, a star before even hitting a ball…I don’t think so. The chances are they didn’t show any sort of exceptional talent after months or even years of PRACTICE.

Running doesn’t rely on this type of skill or talent, virtually anyone who is in good health can run. But to go that little bit further and become good at it requires regular training and consistent practise.

Be WARNED…you’ll struggle to comfortably run a 5k if you follow a haphazard training approach, instead you should do these 4 things: –

  1. Vary Your Training

To improve your running fitness you need to build up endurance in your legs, heart and lungs, so try other activities and sports that also produce these improvements such as swimming, cycling or rowing.

  1. Progress Regularly

The key to improving depends on ensuring that your training gets progressively harder, with small consistent improvements.

  1. Train Smart

Training for a 5k does require some steady running each week, but purely concentrating on this type of training will take you much longer to improve to the point where you can easily run a 5k.

Don’t forget about rest days, these are vital to your progress.

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