How To Train For Your First 5K

If you are a running novice and you’d like to enter a race then you need to know how to train for your first 5k. This is really the shortest race distance and the race that most beginners can aspire to entering.


However, before you set one foot on the tarmac there are a few things you need to do first: –

  • You need to make sure that your body is physically capable of undertaking the task. A visit to your doctor should confirm this.
  • Get any old injuries or niggles treated by a physiotherapist. Starting any fitness regime with existing injuries is a mistake but starting a running program will be disastrous.
  • The next step is to invest in a good pair of running shoes. Wearing the correct shoes for your running style is essential. Try visiting a specialist running store that can test and diagnose your particular running gait so they can prescribe the exact running shoes you need.

A mistake nearly all beginners make is to don their new shoes and set off training immediately. STOP – you must wear in your new shoes so your body gets used to the subtle changes in your foot position because these changes can cause injury problems. Instead wear them around the house or throughout the day for at least a week.

  • Do some research, learn how your body changes and adapts during training so you know when to increase your training or when to hold back.
  • Finally you need a 5k training schedule to follow. This will provide the backbone of your training, it doesn’t have to be cast in stone, if you need rest days, take them, but as much as possible try to progress and change things as your schedule dictates.

To truly understand how to train for your first 5k, you need to learn the basics. ‘5K Training For Beginners’ will get you off the couch potato to 5k running, so you avoid injury, make rapid progress, stay motivated and achieve your goals. Go here to find out more – Couch Potato to 5K Runner