How To Run A 5K – 3 Common Mistakes To Avoid

If you’ve committed some time to your training, improving your stamina and endurance levels so you have the fitness to run comfortably, then learning exactly how to run a 5k race will be the final piece of puzzle to put in place.

If you’ve built up your training to the point where you can run for longer periods easily and you’ve managed to avoid any injuries or serious niggles along the way, then the only remaining obstacle in fulfilling your goal is to actually run a 5k race.

As simple as that sounds, you’ll need to avoid these 3 mistakes most first time 5k runners make: –

Mistake #1

Trying To Finish In Record Time

Whilst there is nothing wrong with a little competitiveness against yourself, in fact during your training it will have helped you to get fitter. However during your first 5k, the goal should really be to just complete the race without having to stop. You can try to run faster in future races.

Mistake #2

Competitive Running

Trying to keep up with a little old lady or a fellow runner who appears particularly out of shape is a big mistake. You have no idea what level of fitness other runners have, any bursts of speed or extra effort you put in to keep up with or run faster than them will always take its toll on you at some stage in the race.

Mistake #3

Setting Off Too Fast

With the excitement and atmosphere of the starting line, many people get carried away with the mood and set off at full pace under a burst of adrenalin.  This really takes it out of your legs and zaps your energy stores, leaving you struggling to keep going.

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