5K Running Training – Useful Tricks Of The Trade

Sport has changed a lot over the years, with many of the outdated beliefs and training techniques simply abandoned in favour of newer, more effective ways of improving fitness and endurance. 5k running training is no different.


In order to build up endurance, it’s still important to perform some longer runs at 5k running training pace, but they should only form part of your overall training schedule and not be the only type of running you do.


The following 5k running training tips will help you to stay focussed on your longer runs: –


Monitor your speed. A wrist watch with GPS tracking can give you details of your mileage times and running speeds as well as many other statistics which can be very motivational and informative.


If you have a heart rate monitor, work within specific parameters. When training for a 5k, you need to work hard enough so you begin to sweat, but not too hard so you can’t hold a conversation.


Listen to motivational music, select tunes that have a similar beat to the speed you will be running at.


Set yourself mini goals to achieve instead of focussing on completing the whole distance. Break it down in to smaller pieces in your mind, maybe in to 4 sections. Doing this makes it much easier to stay motivated and keep going.


Find a running training buddy, not just for company although this can sometimes be a big help, but mainly for the extra encouragement and motivation you’ll have with running with someone else. It’s also a good idea for safety reasons.


Using many different running training routes helps to stave off boredom. Routes that are inspirational and attractive will serve to occupy the mind and provide a focus when you begin to tire.


If you want to know more about 5k running training, ‘5K Training For Beginners’ will teach you all you need to know. It is an entertaining and easy to use 5k running schedule for beginners that want to learn how to run a 5k in just 6 weeks from now. Click here to find out more – Couch to 5K.