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5k Couch

Picture Your INCREDIBLE Feeling Of Super Accomplishment And The Amazing Rush Of Self Pride As You Finish Your First 5K As you cross the finish line for the very first time, every nerve ending in your body will be screaming out… “I DID IT!” – “I DID IT!” – “I DID IT!”     Try To Imagine How Wonderful That Will Feel – It will probably Be One Of The Most Electrifying Feelings in Your Life… Team up with me and my 5K TRAINING FOR BEGINNERS and together we’ll POSITIVELY MAKE THAT FEELING HAPPEN FOR YOU Who Am I… and Why Should You Team Up With Me? 24 May, 2018 Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Jago Holmes and I’m a fully qualified and highly experienced personal trainer from the UK. I have worked with hundreds of beginner runners from all walks of life and varying levels of…