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How To Prepare To Train For A 5K

This page is all about how to prepare to train for a 5k run. So what I’ll cover is the bits you need to think about before you actually start your training. If you’ve made a decision that you’d like to run a 5k, there a few things you need to consider first… Is running going to be right for you? We ‘re only talking about a 3 mile run here, so training for it isn’t going to take over your life, but you are going to have to commit some time to it. As a beginner you’re going to need to do a mixture of exercise which all help to improve your stamina and fitness levels. So if you’re inactive at the moment, you’ll probably need to do a bit more, but let me stress this again…IT WON’T NEED TO TAKE OVER YOUR LIFE. Before you get started and actually begin running, you…

How To Prepare For A 5K – The Day Of The Race

This article assumes that you’ve trained regularly up to this point and ran at least this distance before and that you’re injury free and in good health. So on to how to prepare for a 5k race. We’ll assume that the race starts at 11.00am and it’s an hour’s journey to get there. 8.00am –  After a good night’s sleep (at least 8 hours if possible) your alarm wakes you. 8.15am –  You eat your normal breakfast (hopefully something that’s low in fat and sugar…not a full English breakfast today!) Ideally you eat a bowl of cereal or some toast and a glass of water. 8.45am – Have another glass of water and go for a brisk 15 minute walk. When you get back, stretch off for 5 minutes and then relax for 30 minutes. 9.35am – Pack your running kit. If you’re going in your running gear don’t forget to wear clothing to suit the weather…