How To Run Properly

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How To Run Properly – Is There Such A Thing As Perfect Running Technique?

How to run properly is an important question, but is there such a thing as perfect running technique. The answer to this is both yes and no, not one fit for everyone, because different runners have different body shapes and varying lengths of limbs and many other factors which make one ideal running technique very unrealistic. Ideally you should work on each aspect of ‘perfect running technique’ in isolation, until you’ve mastered it and then attempt to improve another area. What’s really important however is to ensure that you learn how to run properlyand can run comfortably without risking injury by forcing your body to adopt any new style of running too quickly.   It’s easy to avoid this by only adopting one part of ‘perfect running technique’ at a time and limiting the amounts of time that you use it for in one go. For example trying to correct bad knee alignment for a full hour would be very difficult to do, you’d lose…