Train For 5K Running

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How To Train For 5K Running – 5 Simple Steps

This is the way most beginners would start their running regime… They will dream up the idea in a response to feeling unfit or trying on some clothes that felt a little bit tight. It’s usually a goal that has been set because of low self esteem due to one or other of these factors. The next stage is they will go out and run as far as they can and as often as they can. This enthusiasm usually only lasts for a couple of weeks, until the cycle is broken by a problem at home, working late or feeling tired etc. THIS IS NOT HOW TO TRAIN FOR 5K RUNNING!  Instead follow these 5 simple steps. STEP 1  Plan out your goals, make them specific and achievable. Use both long term and short term goals broken in to smaller chunks STEP 2  Get the right training gear, especially running shoes.…