Training Schedule For 5K – Understanding The Basics

A 5k race is different to most other sporting activities. With most sports there is an element of skill that can be improved upon to give the competitor an advantage, whereas running a 5k requires no skill, anyone in good health that can walk with no injuries could follow a training schedule for 5k running and then run a 5k if they wanted to.

So a training schedule for 5k running is different to the training you would need to do if you were taking part in other sporting activities because it focuses purely on improving your fitness levels.

In order for you to able to successfully do this you should follow these guidelines:

Don’t Just Run

To be a good runner you must have enough strength and endurance in your heart and lungs, but this can be improved by taking part in other forms of exercise such as cycling, swimming and cross training, so give them a try.

Think About Your Training

Gone are the days when all you needed to do was just go out and run. Running techniques have progressed significantly. The risks associated with overusing the same muscles and joints when running regularly, simply places too much stress on the body. Using advanced techniques shown in my new guide ‘5K Training For Beginners’ will rapidly boost fitness levels whilst reducing training times dramatically.

Don’t Overdo It

A good training schedule for 5k running should include some inactive days. Rest days are important for your progress, so use them. You’ll be giving your joints a break, allowing your muscles to recover and refuelling energy stores at the same time.

Progression Is The Key

One of the reasons why so many runners don’t make it past their second week of training is that they don’t see any real progress. To keep getting better, every run should be slightly different, a little longer, faster or more challenging.

If you’re interested in training for a 5k, then you need – ‘5K Training For Beginners,’ an easy to use training schedule for 5k running, guaranteed to get you off the couch to 5k running in the shortest possible time. You can read all it here – Training schedule for 5k.

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