Picture Yourself Crossing The Finishing Line Of Your First Or Fastest Ever 5K - How Amazing Do You Think That Will Make You Feel...

Just Imagine The INCREDIBLE Feeling Of Intense 
Pride And Accomplishment You'll Get!

It Will Probably Be Up There As One Of The Most Electrifying And Rewarding Moments Of Your Life…

And If You Team Up With Me And My New Running Program - '5K Training For Beginners,' I Guarantee We’ll Make That Positive Feeling Happen For You!


I've simplified every single step of this process for you.

If you can follow basic directions then you can quickly train to run a 5k - it’s that simple!

It's laid out for you just like “The Yellow Brick Road” in the movie “The Wizard of Oz”.
Remember the “Yellow Brick Road”?

It was plain and simple, nothing complicated… YET EVERY SINGLE STEP WAS THERE… all Dorothy had to do was FOLLOW… FOLLOW… FOLLOW…

...the yellow brick road and she’d get to Oz!

She didn’t need to make any difficult decisions... Just stay on the path in front of her!

Well, the complete 5k training system that you're about to discover is very much like the “yellow brick road.”

It isn’t difficult or obscure, it's pretty straightforward if you just keep taking small steps and doing what's written down...



You’ll Learn All There Is To Know About Running A 5K, From The ‘Grass Root’ Basics Right Through To The Effective Preparation And Completion Of Your First Or Fastest Ever 5k...

Because Unlike Other Running Plans...

I'll explain exactly WHY you're doing the things you are and what changes you can expect to see by following my advice.

This means you'll also learn how to design your own training program if you'd rather not follow mine, so you get the best of both worlds.

You'll improve much faster by using this training program instead of some of the simplistic ‘one size fits all’ training schedules you can get for free.  Because the advanced techniques you’ll be using will push your body safely on to a series of new levels, you'll have no option but to get fitter and better at running!

  • I’ll show you an easy way to test what type of running shoes you need, so you don’t spend a lot of money on shoes that could potentially cause you injury. Meaning you’ll have to miss many weeks of training and possibly go back to square one!
  • You’ll find out which types of foods you need to be getting more of and which ones will hamper your progress. This way you’ll fill up your body’s petrol tank with energy giving fuel instead of sabotaging your 5k training by choosing foods that can make you feel tired and exhausted
  • I’ll explain to you how to spot the signs of overtraining so you know when to hold back on your workouts and take rest days if you need them, instead of pushing yourself too far and suffering progress stopping injuries
  • You’ll discover the theory behind some of the best energy boosting, ‘feel good’ training sessions I've ever created AND learn how and when to use them to get the best results
  • You’ll find out some ultra effective and enjoyable ways of training that give you a massive shot of feel good hormones every time you finish
  • I'll show you 2 ways of making sure you never have to suffer from painful and progress stopping blisters

By following my 5k running plan you’ll discover that there is a lot more to running than simply plodding along, pounding the streets week after week like everyone else does...

And Because Of this You Won't Have To Make The Same Mistakes Everyone Else Makes...

What still surprises me is when someone decides they’re going to start running, they set off without any real thought, planning or preparation.

Very often having no idea what it is they’re trying to achieve or how to get better at running.

For example, probably the biggest mistake that most new runners make is to set off at the beginning of a training run, like a dog out of the traps… way too fast!

Because of this, within a very short distance they'll need to stop as they’re too tired, breathless and uncomfortable to carry on any further

This Is One Of The Worst Ways Of Learning To Run For Three Main Reasons...


#1  You’ll need to rest after only a short amount of time because your heart and lungs haven’t had chance to get properly warmed up so they're unable to supply enough oxygen rich blood to the legs in time so you're forced to stop too soon

#2  Training like this means you’ll never build up any endurance and because you can’t build up the distances you’re running, you won’t improve your stamina... It's a viscous cycle

#3  Finally, because you never build up any momentum, there’s a very high chance you’ll become demotivated and lose interest way before you see any real progress

Instead what you should do if you're a complete beginner, is start by walking or jogging very slowly, depending on your level of fitness. Once you can manage this easily and ONLY THEN should you move on to introducing some short bursts of slow running in to your sessions.

Now this bit is very IMPORTANT so please remember... You do need to have structure to your training sessions otherwise you’ll only end up doing the same thing over and over again and because of this you won’t get any better.

If There’s ONE THING You Should Take Away From Reading This Today It's This...

***WHATEVER TYPE OF EXERCISE YOU DO, FOR YOU TO GET ANY BETTER, IT MUST BE PROGRESSIVE. This basically means that you have to constantly change and improve what you do every time BUT only in small amounts.

For example you could try to go a little faster, change your route, go further, run on different surfaces or train more often... to name just a few options.

But don't worry, if you do make the decision to invest in "YOURSELF" today and grab a copy of "5K Training For Beginners," you'll discover everything you need to go seamlessly from a complete beginner to an accomplished 5K runner in record time...

I'll be there to walk through each step with you...

...We’ll Do It Together - You'll Have The Benefit Of My Years Of Experience So You Can Be Sure You're Doing Everything Just Right

I've Condensed Everything I Know In To 2 Manuals Packed Full Of Knowledge, Where Amongst Other Things You'll Also Discover...

  • How to turbocharge your running sessions by using a range of advanced training techniques that literally explode your speed, stamina and endurance levels, meaning you’ll get dramatically fitter without having to commit all your spare time to your doing it.
  • How to stretch properly, which muscles, when and how often including some little known stretching tricks you can do at home which will improve flexibility and also save you time!
  • A clever technique to make sure you approach race day full of energy and raring to go instead of tired, bored and ready for a rest. Because of this one technique I guarantee you’ll complete your 5k training at your best and fully ready for the challenge of your first ever race.
  • How to use the 3 distinct phases of training in the program to progress steadily and comfortably at your own pace without going too fast or doing too much too soon. This really does make the difference between enjoying the whole experience or quitting and throwing in the towel!
  • How to use this little known ‘SECRET’ used by elite runners that virtually nobody knows about. It will boost your energy levels and dramatically reduce your recovery time between sessions. You’ll be able to run further and faster.
  • Little known techniques in preparation for the race, so you know exactly what to expect and what to do. You’ll be fully prepared both mentally and physically for race day and the race itself!

Now the benefits I’ve told you about so far are way above anything you’ll get from any of the giveaway 5k training programs available on the internet, but there's so much more to this...

Yes, You'll Learn To Be A Better Runner, But Also This Great New System Could Be A Catalyst To Many Other Changes In Your Life, Because By Ordering This Now You'll Also Discover...


How To Skyrocket Your Energy Levels Almost Instantly

You’ll be amazed at how little you need to do to be able to run a 5K - With my secret training tips I'll show how to do it as efficiently as possible AND give a big boost to your energy levels at the same time

How To Shed Pounds Without Even Thinking About It!

You'll be focussing on running and getting fitter, not counting calories or following starvation diets and because of this you'll find losing weight easier than you've ever done before

How Amazing It Feels To Achieve Your Goals - One After Another

No matter where you’re starting from, there’s an effective plan for you to work with at your own pace - You know it will feel great to check off every step along the way!

How Easy It Is To Change Your Life - You're Just One Step Away

In just minutes from now you could have this program in front of you so you can begin an amazing journey towards a new improved, happier, healthier and  fitter you!

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Not only will you become a better runner but you'll also...

  • Get in to fantastic shape - So you look and feel healthier, sexier and more confident
  • Be happier - Get more energy and zest for life so everything you do feels more enjoyable
  • Lose weight and tone up - Good runners always have great legs, a firm butt and flat stomach

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What Our Customers Think...

“The transaction was lightning fast and I was able to immediately download the books to my Amazon Kindle.

The best thing was that as a PDF document format if you are more “paper” oriented you can print the information out, put in dividers, and have your very own customizable Runners Manual.

The information and layout of the book(s) was easy for even the most novice runner to understand.I am a goal (list) oriented person and I love that the encouragement in the book(s) is to take training one bite at a time to lessen your chances of injury...


Ellen // Georgia

Hi Jago

Today was the race, It had been postponed due to rains that made the track slushy. Close to 70 students (18 to 20 year olds) participated in the race. I came in 16th with a timing of 23.08… definitely feeling good about it, especially since it came after a bout of energy-draining sickness. 


I was down with chest congestion and fever all through the last week. I am still on a course of antibiotics. Luckily for me, the race was postponed. The sickness did upset my training (I never trained after the last Fartlek training), but I managed to run the race today.... 


I want to specially thank you for...


Rajeev // India

"After reading both the theory and practice I think you should rename them "The Fountain of Knowledge for Runners” as I have learned so much from them.

I have run a 5k in the past, but without proper preparation and hence after the event didn’t feel like I’d done myself or the race justice, although I did get the satisfaction of raising money for a charity which is very dear to my heart.

Since then I have had fits and starts of running without any sort of pattern and probably because I wasn’t...


Mandy // UK

No Matter What Starting Point You're At - Either A Complete Beginner Or An  Experienced Runner, I Have A Program That's Perfect For You - Simply Choose The One That Suits You Best When You Download The Program...

But my running system isn't just a series of training schedules, because when you get it you'll also be able to...

  • Comfortably run a 5k at the end of your training, you’ll have accomplished something that most people only dream of doing. 
  • Run further, faster and for longer without the usual fatigue and heavy legs which almost all beginners get at the start of their training.
  • Lose weight and tone your butt, hips and thighs so you look better than you have in years. By committing to something like this, the chances are as a side effect, you’ll get in to the this best shape of your life!
  • Radically improve your health. Simply follow my plan and your energy levels will skyrocket plus you'll be thinner, feel sexier, happier and you’ll feel so much better all the time.
  • Impress everyone that knows you with your attitude and dedication. Once you've finished your first race they'll be full of pride and admiration for you.
  • Supercharge your energy levels on demand. You’ll know exactly how to create your own ‘feel good switch’ which you can turn on and off like a faucet.

Jago Holmes // Personal Trainer

Who am I and why should you listen to me?

Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Jago Holmes and I’m a fully qualified and highly experienced personal trainer from the UK.

I've been working with clients in my own  little fitness studio here in the beautiful countryside village of Warley in Yorkshire for nearly 20 years.

I'm renowned as a weight loss expert, but something I'm even more passionate about is running - Or more specifically helping my clients become great runners.

I've personally worked with hundreds of clients to help them become good runners and throughout this time, I've tried, tested and perfected the system that you're reading about here today. 

Over the last 2 decades, I've learnt what does and doesn't work and condensed all that experience in to 2 great manuals that I want you to consider getting for yourself today. I know that this works for everyone because it's been tried and tested hundreds of times.

You see the secret is in the variation. The things I tell you to do are not what you'd expect, but they're also not difficult nor are they very time consuming, but they are the real difference between my program and almost all the other running plans out there. This is why your progress will be so much quicker by following my advice.

So far my career has been  an amazingly rewarding journey and I'm sure those that I have coached have enjoyed the experience of becoming better runners and I would love you to experience this too. So come along with me, get this program and together we'll get you fit!

Why Don't You Take A Look And See What Some Of Our Other Happy Customers Think About The Plan...

“If you’re looking for a step by step guide that helps you through every stage of training for running a 5km race, from choosing the most appropriate footwear to preparation on the day itself, then you won’t find a better one than this one. Having used the guide myself I can personally recommend it. It is full of everything you need to begin training and is presented in a friendly and concise way. The techniques really did get me fitter quicker than just running at the same distance and pace each time. Not only that, they also added much needed variation to my exercise programme which made each session feel fresh and different.

At the beginning of my training I never believed that I would be able to run 5km in one go. However after 6 weeks of following this programme I have managed to complete a 5km run without stopping, which has given me an amazing high and certainly proves that following a guide like this one really works!”

Cassie // UK

“When I first started running, every step was hard work. The mere thought of going out for a run filled me with dread.

The techniques I’ve learnt from Jago’s running schedule have been invaluable. I have gone from barely able to run a few metres to being able to run over 3 miles (5K) easily.

I now run regularly and am currently training towards phase 2 – my first 10k.”

Ruth // Yorkshire

“Hi Jago, Just wanted to drop you a line to thank you for your excellent training schedule.

I had never run before until I used your training programs but now I can run longer distances very comfortably. In fact just recently I ran the Hoy half marathon.

I’ve sent you a picture of me running towards the end of the race. I thought you might appreciate it. 

Thanks – David“

David // Orkney

Thanks For Taking The Time To Keep Reading, You've Got This Far But Now It's Time To Make A Decision - You Have Two Options…

Option #1

Go it alone and download a free app that gives you generic information and a one size fits all running plan and you might, just might fall lucky and actually get there. But you haven't invested in yourself, it's unlikely that you'll truly get the result you want.


Option #2

Choose the smart way to do it. Every (and I mean “EVERY”) top sports man or woman has their own coach and there’s a reason for that… their coaches have the knowledge, experience and skills to help them improve the fastest way possible whilst avoiding all the pitfalls that they’ve learnt from experience over the years.

Well this is what I will be to you - your coach. But instead of charging you thousands of dollars to teach you everything I know, you can have it all for just $29. I’ve distilled nearly 20 years of knowledge and experience working with beginners just like you and I’ve written down all the secrets, tips and tricks I’ve leaned in to 2 easy read manuals.

It’s the ONLY system I know of that doesn’t just give you a simplistic running schedule and expect to you go out and just run...

But I promise you this, my plan is nothing like as basic as that.

Here Is Everything You'll Get Today When You Place Your Order Here Now…

Manual 1

"The Theory"

5K Training For Beginners - The Theory...

"The Theory" is the first half of this running program and gives you all the background knowledge behind the sport… Everything you need to know in order help safely steer yourself around any obstacles and difficulties you could face when learning to run.

Containing inspirational training tips and time saving strategies, I’ve made running further and faster not only physically possible but also easily achievable and more importantly, something that you’ll hopefully really enjoy doing.

You’ll learn simple techniques to get you through your training runs without giving up or feeling demotivated and a quick and simple strategy you can use to stay positive even when it feels harder.

With the knowledge of "The Theory" behind you, you’ll have no choice but to succeed - all that's needed is the practise!

Manual 2

"The Practise"

5K Training For Beginners - The Practise...

Manual 2, “The Practice” guides you effortlessly through your program, from the very start of your training right up to and beyond race day itself.  

Using the advanced techniques you’ll find inside, you’ll breeze through your chosen plan and achieve your running targets much faster than you ever thought possible.

This powerful manual provides you with an up to date, step-by-step training system you can follow no matter what starting point you’re at right now… Either as a complete beginner doing your first ever 5k or an experienced runner aiming to improve on a personal best.

I’ll tell you exactly what to do and the optimum times for doing it so you get the most from every single session - literally everything you need to know is laid out before you to follow along with at your own pace.

Bonus #1

$11.99 FREE

Runners Guide To Preventing And Treating Injuries...

Discover how to avoid the most common niggles and injuries that runners can suffer from or if you are unlucky enough to have one, how you can treat yourself as quickly and as painlessly as possible.

You’ll learn which injuries are most common and practical guidelines you can follow to make it safely through to race day in one piece.

Find out how fast and effective treatment can reduce the severity of even the most serious of injuries and how you can cut down healing times and minimise the amount of time you’re unable to run.

Bonus #2

$11.97 FREE

Eat Yourself Fit With The Runners Guide To Nutrition...

This handy guide gives you with everything you need to improve your performance and energise your body, from simple tasty menus and shopping lists to quick snack suggestions. The foods don’t take long to prepare and are fantastic for fuelling your training and speeding up your recovery between runs.

You’ll also learn an easier way of eating, by selecting foods that make you feel fuller for longer at the same time as providing you with the energy you need and saving you time and money!

Discover the #1 biggest mistake nearly every runner makes by NOT getting enough of this important nutrient and why getting just this one thing right will improve the quality of your skin, hair and energy levels 100%!

This is literally a ‘running diet in a book’ solution for you, leaving you to eat on auto pilot, without worrying about what you should or shouldn’t be eating, it’s all been planned out for you and couldn’t be easier!

Bonus #3

$9.99 FREE

How To Effortlessly Control Your Glycemic Index...

Learn the ‘right’ way to eat a healthy balanced diet that helps to maintain constant blood sugar levels. Doing this means that you’ll avoid the usual peaks and troughs of the typical everyday diet, which can leave you craving the worst types of junk food.

After reading this book, you’ll know why using the Glycemic Index to choose the foods you eat means that you'll eat less and could massively reduce your potential risk of suffering from illnesses including high cholesterol, diabetes and heart disease.

You’ll finally discover what to eat in order to gain control of your weight forever, so instead of having to choose clothes that you can fit in to, you’ll be able to pick the ones you actually want to wear!

Bonus #4

$9.97 FREE

Quick, Easy And Delicious Soup Recipes...

Discover a wide collection of tasty and nutritious recipes which are both simple and quick to prepare whilst requiring virtually no cooking skills or expertise whatsoever.

Soups are a quick and easy meal that almost anyone can make.

They're easy, low fat, nutritious and simple to make, which is exactly what you need when time is short but you still want something healthy to eat.

I guarantee anyone can make a great tasting soup, by simply following the simple step by step recipes and directions contained within this eBook.

Bonus #5

$8.97 FREE​​​​

55 Energy Boosting Smoothies...

Over 50 of the most mouthwatering smoothies ever created, some of the tastiest and easy to make ‘on the go’ energy boosters - guaranteed to provide your body with the best of nutrients to fuel your running sessions.

Quick and easy to make,  perfect to prepare before a run so you can have it straight after your training, then they’re ready and waiting to boost energy levels and help with post training recovery.

These smoothies and shakes are low in fat whilst being full of flavour and great to taste!

Bonus #6

$9.79 FREE

Eat Your Way Slim - 101 Healthy Snacks...

Healthy snacks and appetizers don't need to be bland, tasteless and boring any more. In fact it's important to your success that the foods you eat definitely aren't like that otherwise temptation will lead you to making the wrong choices.

With over 100 healthy snack recipes and appetizers, both instant natural foods that can be eaten straight away and those that need a little more preparation - you'll never need to turn to junk foods ever again to fill the gaps in your diet.

Who doesn't need new snack ideas that are tasty, healthy, simple to make and quick to prepare?

All the recipes can be made in advance and taken with you to work or wherever you need to go each day, so you've got the right kinds of foods ready to eat and waiting for you whenever you need them.

Bonus #7

$.99 FREE

Healthy Salad Recipes...

Forget dull boring tasteless salads. These recipes are nothing like that. Packed with nutrients, vitamins and minerals as well as being super tasty, you're sure to find some recipes that you love.

The recipes are great for stand alone meals or perfect to serve with meat or fish for a super healthy treat. But perhaps the best thing about these recipes is that the preparation is so easy. You really don't need any cooking skills whatsoever to prepare these healthy salads.

I've also added a delicious range of quick and easy dressings so you can pimp up your salads even further. I guarantee you'll discover some meals you'll want to make time and time again.

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  • 8 Weeks Of Email Support - I won't take your money and run, once you download your program, I'll send you my personal email address so you can contact me at any time if you need help or support with anything

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But I really want you to be 100% satisfied with ‘5k Training For Beginners’, so let me remove any doubt from your mind

Order today and actually follow my 5k training schedule for 8 weeks, if you’re not convinced this 5k training schedule will work for you, just send me an email requesting a refund and I will refund 100% of your money – immediately!

I’m a little overweight and very unfit, will this still work for me?

This seems expensive, can’t I just download a free program online and do that instead?

When will I get the plan, how soon can I get started after I order it?

I don’t have much spare time, how long will I need to do this each week?

What is a PDF, how will I get the eBooks, how does it work and will I need to buy an APP to read them?

Will I need to buy any new equipment in order to do this properly?

Your Investment In 5K Training For Beginners Is 100% Guaranteed...

In just minutes from now, you will know all the secrets of some the best runners in the world. All condensed in to 1 great running program. Then, all I want you to do is follow my plan. Give the system a try.

If you don't get what you want from it in 8 weeks or think it's not for you, no problem, I’ll gladly refund every penny you paid. No questions asked, no hassles.

Look below and click on the yellow button that says “Add To Cart” to start the plan and claim all your bonuses now so you can start seeing big changes to your health, fitness and happiness!

To your success,

Jago Holmes

Jago Holmes

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