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Hi there, thanks for visiting ‘Couchto-5k.com’ and welcome.

I'm delighted that you've dropped by and I'd like to introduce myself to you. My name is Jago Holmes and I’m the owner of this website and the creator of the running program – ‘5K Training For Beginners’

I’m a personal trainer and weight loss expert based here in the UK with my own training company – New Image Personal Training Ltd.

We work mainly with clients on a one to one basis or in small groups and we’ve being doing this for nearly 20 years now.

We get fantastic results with the many clients that we work with and this is due mainly to the great trainers that work for us and the advice, motivation and guidance that we provide to all of our clients.

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I regularly write for local press and ezinearticles.com and have created a range of health and fitness related digital eBooks and weight loss packages. I also present weight loss seminars as well as running my acclaimed '8 week weight loss challenge'.

I completed the majority of my training at the University of Leeds, finally gaining the YMCA Personal Trainer Award (one of the highest and most respected qualifications available in the UK for Personal Trainers) in 2000 after 3 years of study.

Jago Holmes, EzineArticles Platinum Author

Being personal trainers we more often than not work with clients that want to lose weight but don't like the idea of going down the usual routes of using a gym, swimming, attending fitness classes or cycling etc.

They want to lose weight but understand that dieting alone brings only slow results and doesn't help to tone them up and give them more energy... this is where running comes in to it's own.

I've Had Many Clients Get In To Fantastic Shape Very Quickly, Doing Nothing But Running And Making Small Changes To Their Diet

But one of the biggest problems I find that most people face is is knowing exactly how much to do to get the best results and in my NEW training program - '5K Training For Beginners,' I explain exactly what this is.

Most people don't have access to this kind of information and because of this never give it a try. So I decided to do something about it. I created a running program specifically for those who want to start running and lose weight, but to be honest it's also perfect for anyone wanting to improve their fitness and stamina levels.

It's taken me many months to write the programs and training manuals, but it's been worth every minute because I've created an easy to use, clear, informative, fun to read and above all effective running program.

I’ve basically put all of my experience and knowledge in to this running program so that it clearly shows anyone how they can easily add running in to their life and instantly boost their fat loss efforts to get in to amazing shape very quickly.

It's a complete running program and training manual designed to help anyone start running from whatever starting point they're at. It describes in clear, easy to follow detail exactly what to do and when to do it, so you don't need to try and fill in the blanks.

Here’s A Quick Summary Of What ‘5K Training For Beginners’ Will Teach You...

  • Everything you need to know about running, how your body changes and responds to your training without getting too technical
  • How to fit running in to a busy lifestyle, so it takes up minimal time, something which most people have very little of
  • How to get fast results in the quickest time possible, so you stay motivated and encouraged by the noticeable changes that you'll see
  • How to avoid the most common running pitfalls and training problems that almost all new runners face when they start out
  • How to use some little known training techniques to supercharge your fitness, allowing you to increase your running distances and stamina far quicker than if you just went out and 'ran.'

I've Spent Hundreds of Hours Researching, Testing and Developing This System, So You Don't Need to Search For Answers, It's All Been Done For You!

This beginners training program has everything you need to start running. It's got a proven track record of being extremely effective, yet it's quick and very easy to follow!

If you'd like to find out more about how you can take all the guesswork out of your running and see the fastest progress possible with your training, click here now - Make me a better runner

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